SMA takes steps to digitise state

Azman (right) with (from left) Hafeez, Faizal and Judge.

KUCHING: Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) is actively taking steps to digitise the state as a sign of the transition of the government analogue system to digital and one of the systems is Sarawak ID.

“Sarawak ID is a ‘digital identity’ initiative by the state government in coordinating access by the people to the services offered by state government agencies,” said SMA administrative officer, Faizal Ibrahim when interviewed during the ‘Sembang Digital Normal Baru’ on Friday (Sep 11).

Sarawak ID also has various public services accessible through what is better known as Single Sign On (SSO) among which are Government to Community (G-C) Services, Government to Business (G-B) Services and Government to Government (G-G) Services.

Furthermore, the Sarawak ID can access various public services through one platform, facilitate public affairs, save time and energy and is safe to use.

Faizal also added that the increase in digital needs and state government services can be seen in tandem and complement each other.

“The government also provided aid, such as Sarawakku Sayang Special Assistance where assistance was channeled through the government’s e-wallet initiative, Sarawak Pay,” he added.

He further explained that since the beginning of the movement control order (MCO) last March, the number of users who have registered with Sarawak ID is 191,846 people and recorded an increase percentage of 33 percent to date during the recovery movement control order (RMCO).

He shared that this application had received a total of 585,688 users registered through Sarawak ID in Sarawak.

Also present were assistant SMA officer Hafeez Rosland, AZAM Sarawak communication officer Judge Junaidi and Sarawak FM announcer Azman Johari.