SMC closes all public facilities

Clarence Ting

KUCHING:  Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has decided to close all public facilities under its purview with immediate effect in view of the increasing Covid-19 cases in Sibu.

Its chairman Clarence Ting said the reopening of these premises would be announced at a later date.

“Please be informed that all facilities which are under the purview of SMC will be closed for usage or booking for any activities starting from Jan 11 until further notice.

“This closure is our initiative to prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 now that Sibu has been regarded as a red zone,” he said in a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 11).

He also advised the public to follow the 3Cs (avoid crowded places, confined places and close conversation) at the council’s public parks.  

“There should be no gathering at the council parks. Only individual light exercise is allowed.

“Any usage of the council parks during this time is strictly at the users’ risks,” said Ting.

Among the public facilities that will be closed are:

Council buildings:

1. Public Library, Jalan Keranji, Sibu

2. Grand Height Library, Jalan Mantis, Sibu

3. Sukun Library, Sibu

4. Delta Swimming Pool, Sibu

5. Bukit Lima Swimming Pool, Sibu

6. Dewan Serbaguna Teku, Sibu

Other facilities:

1. Padang Penjara at Jalan Awg Ramli Amit

2. Basketball Court at Jalan Merlin

3. Basketball Court at Hing Hua Memorial Square, Lorong Taman Seduan 4

SMC’s public parks are:

1. Taman Jubliee Bukit Aup, Jalan Quarry, Sibu

2. Hoover Memorial Garden, Jalan Igan, Sibu

3. Sungai Merah Heritage Walk, Sg.Merah Bazaar/Jalan Teng Chin Hua, Sibu

4. Kutien Memorial Garden, Jalan Bukit Lima, Sibu

5. Heng Hua Garden, Jalan Seduan 6, Sibu

6. Rejang Park Traffic Garden, Jalan Simpoh, Rejang Park

7. Xi Ann Park, Rejang Park Lrg.13/14, Sibu

8. Sibu Gateway, Jalan Kpg. Nyabor, Sibu

9. Ling Clan Garden and Sibu Walk, Jalan Kpg. Nyabor

10. Sibu Town Square Phase One, Jalan Bujang Suntong, Sibu

11. Sibu Town Square Phase Two, Jalan Bujang Suntong, Sibu

12. Hii Garden, Jalan Maju, Sibu

13. Rejang Esplanade, Jalan Maju, Sibu

14. Chiang Chuan Garden, Jalan Temple, Sibu

15. Poh Yew/Li Hua Garden, Jalan Poh Yew, Sibu

16. Ping Pong Parks and Stadium, Jalan Merdeka, Sibu

17. Sibu Lake Garden Phase One, Two and Three, Jalan Permai, Sibu

18. Friendship Memorial Park, Jalan Permai, Sibu

19. Su Kuok Garden, Jalan Mantis, Sibu

20. Hui Ning Garden, Jalan Lanang, Sibu