Water supply disruption due to technical problems

One villager ready with buckets to be filled for his household.

KUCHING: Water supply disrupted in Puncak Borneo area due to technical problems with the distribution system.

The Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) and Kuching Water Board (LAK) found out that the water pressure was not strong enough to reach to the villages in higher ground.

The water supply was slow to reach to the area because of technical problem with the water distribution system at Stesen Pam Penggalak No.2 Batu 10.

The villages affected are Kampung Jambu, Kampung Karu, Kampung Sarig, Kampung Simpok, Kampung Tabuan Rabak, Kampung Sira, Kampung Gayu, Kampung Serumah, Kampung Krian, Kampung Peraya, Kampung Kawa Belimbing, and Kampung Belimbing Islam.

Both JBALB and LAK will continue to deliver water to the affected villages in the area with tankers until the situation resolved.