Ninety-nine and still sewing. Photo: Bernama

KUALA TERENGGANU: Despite her advancing age, Lim Sheng has been able not only to look after herself and appearance, but she is also active in various activities such as sewing and cooking.

Lim, 99, or better known as “Po Po” (Mandarin for grandmother) also plays Mahjong, which requires considerable mental fitness as well as a sharp memory.

She also practiced healthy diet by avoiding oily food.

Lim shows a photo of her yesteryears. Photo: Bernama

“I used to run a restaurant which required me to be on my feet and moving a lot. I guess that’s why I am still healthy to this day.

“We also need to eat a lot of vegetables to stay young,” she said when met by Bernama at her restaurant which is now run by her son Poh Tik Heng, 70, and her daughter-in-law Fu Sek Sue, 63, in the Kampung Cina or popular known as Chinatown, here.

Despite having vision problems in her right eye Lim is still able to walk around the Chinatown to meet friends.

Apart from her easy-going nature and smiles, Lim is also known for looking fabulous and immaculate on daily basis, even when she is home alone.

“I live upstairs (the top floor of the restaurant), every time I go down or plan to go out, I will take at least half an hour to get ready. My kids are having headache and they said I always look fabulous (jangok),” she said with a laugh.

Ninety-nine and still sewing. Photo: Bernama

She said she would not use her age to start neglecting her appearance as she has been doing the routine from a young age.

Lim, who has been living in the village for 70 years following her late husband who worked for a shipping company then, also shared her excitement for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

Although most of the preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year are made by her children and grandchildren, each year Lim will cook family tradition dish ‘Kam Heong’s Chicken’ for her family to enjoy during the reunion dinner.

Lim also recalled that today’s Chinese New Year, is less lively compared to yesteryears.

In the past, she said, two to three days before the celebration, the girls could be seen donning the pretty Cheongsam dresses, make-up and high heels. But people nowadays prefer to wear simple modern and practical clothes.

“The people’s standard of living is also changing. In the past we only have chicken dish once a year (during Chinese New Year), nowadays we can eat chicken daily,” she said.

Asked about her hopes for the Chinese New Year, Lim hoped that she would continue to be given good health and to spend more happy years with her family. – Bernama

At her favourite pastime — tending to the flowers. Photo: Bernama