Alta Moda Sarawak – fashion for and by Sarawakians

Aaron walking the runaway with a model at AMS 2019 last month.

KUCHING: Alta Moda Sarawak (AMS) plans to collaborate with ministries and agencies to promote and provide exposure and opportunities to local fashion designers.

AMS creative director Aaron George Von Jolly told the media today that AMS’ inaugural event in March would now be an annual affair in the Sarawak tourism calendar, with the Sarawak Tourism Board as main supporter and partner in conjunction with the Visit Sarawak Campaign.

AMS Creative director and designer Aaron George Von Jolly

“AMS is a brand platform for Sarawakian designers to come together to showcase their designs and creations to the industry,” Aaron said, adding: “Its objective is to promote Sarawak as a state with different ethnic groups and culture.”

He added that there would be a collaboration between AMS, the Ministry of Women Affairs and Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), which is still in discussion, in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia Day to promote the empowerment of women in entrepreneurship.

“There are several Sarawakians who are currently overseas and well known but are not recognisable by locals hence an idea to bring them back to the state in time for the Malaysia Day celebration.”

Aaron walking the runaway with a model at AMS 2019 last month.

“This is also where AMS comes in as a grand platform and to work together with both the ministry and SEDC in empowering women in the fashion industry and lifestyle to showcase their creativity and give them a platform for entrepreneurship,” he explained.

Models walking the runaway with the costume designs by local fashion designers.

AMS are also looking to collaborate with the Ministry of Industrial Development to bring the cottage industry to the next level.

Aaron with his stylish fashion wear.

Aaron, who is a fashion designer, felt that it was high time to give back to the community, and that was when the idea of AMS came up.

“AMS is not just a fashion event as we are using fashion as a stepping stone to tap into the bigger picture as we intend to place these fashion designers, artisans and creative people under one roof,” he said.

Models walking the runaway last month.

He said they had spoken to a few ministers and they were in favour of this idea and saw its potential.

When asked to specify on the core industry, he said Sarawak had always been known for its arts, crafts and cultures but in terms of transforming it into the world of high fashion, much needed to be explored and for Von Jolly Couture, they had proven themselves when they transformed Sarawak’s hand woven fabric into a couture dress and worn at the Miss World pageant in Mongolia in 2012.

Miss World Malaysia Larissa Ping at Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 in March.

He noted that AMS 2019 in March featured 22 fashion designers and 20 of them were Sarawakians and 70 per cent of the 33 models who walked the runaway were also locals.

Models walking the runaway at AMS 2019 last month at the old DUN.

“We made AMS with the purpose of providing an avenue just for local fashion designers to grow, which is why we want to minimise the involvement of outsiders therefore, this fashion show is for Sarawakians made by Sarawakians in Sarawak.”

Aaron would not give further details on Alta Moda’s future plans as he wants it to be a surprise for everyone.