Authorities need to relook catching procedures

KUCHING: The Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) is deeply concerned about the recent incident in which five men entered a house in Mile 9, Jalan Kuching-Serian here illegally to catch and euthanised a pet dog and six of its puppies.

President Datin Donna Drury-Wee said while SSPCA understands that removal of strays was necessary to contain the spread of rabies, authorities needed to relook their procedures.

“They could have asked for proof of vaccination and if the dog had been vaccinated then it would have been protected against rabies.

“While they may have the power to enter a premises and seize diseased or injured animals as per the Sarawak Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law Part VIII, they could have first requested to see proof that the animal had been vaccinated,” she said on Monday (June 28).

Wee added that in the case of the puppies, being under three months old, they would have been too young to be vaccinated and required to be licensed until they are six months old.

On another note, she said to improve the handling of animals and also public communications, SSPCA had conducted a Humane Capture Workshop in 2016 for council dog units.

“We had hoped to organise another one this year but were unable to do so (due to Covid-19),” she said, adding that she hoped it could be held soon once the situation permits.

On Sunday (June 27), the daughter of the pet owner, who wished to be known as Voon, told New Sarawak Tribune that uniformed men entered her family’s home at around 10am, June 18.

She claimed that the men did not have a warrant and that they removed the dogs from the house compound.

Voon said their pet, named Mumu, which had already been vaccinated against rabies, was in the house compound but must have gotten out through a gap in the gate.

“When it was shot, it ran home for refuge. When my mother came home, Mumu was still alive but could not move.

“My mother pleaded with them not to take our dog but they insisted.”

The family lodged a report at the Padawan police station on the same day of the incident.