Better to be safe than sorry

By Aisyah Azzahra Suhiri

KUCHING:  Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing on Saturday (Sept 4) that Sarawak should discourage asymptomatic Covid-19 patients from getting swab tested for the virus.

He pointed out that since most of the people were vaccinated now, the severity of the symptoms affecting those who tested positive for the virus had significantly dropped.

He added that 99 percent of Sarawak’s daily Covid-19 cases comprised patients from Categories 1 and 2, namely, those with mild or no symptoms.

He also mentioned that Sarawak was now evolving into the endemic stage due to vaccinations.

While some agreed to Masing’s proposal, many members of the public polled, however, felt that it was better for the asymptomatic patients to undergo swab tests to ensure the safety of everyone around.

Amir Zikry Zamri

Amir Zikry Zamri, waiter

It’s best for asymptomatic patients to go for swab tests. It is better to be safe than sorry these days considering the high number of daily cases in Sarawak.

Sharifah Hayatun Nufus

Sharifah Hayatun Nufus Wan Morsidi, clerk

I don’t agree that swab tests should be done on symptomatic individuals only. It is true that most cases are in Categories 1 and 2 but it does not mean that those who are asymptomatic cannot transmit the virus to other people.

Faizurrafiq Saifulyazan

Faizurrafiq Saifulyazan, archiver

It is quite risky not to swab asymptomatic people because they, too, can carry and spread the virus. They have the power to infect others, especially those who are vulnerable against the virus like the elderly.

Satia Sabu

Satia Sabu, housewife

I think that it’s better not to let our guard down when it comes to Covid-19. Symptoms or no symptoms, the safest way to protect everyone is to go for the swab tests to keep our current health conditions in check.

Jonathan Mengga Johnson

Jonathan Mengga Johnson, student

I support the deputy chief minister’s statement. It is best for asymptomatic patients to undergo self-quarantine instead of going for swab tests to prioritise those who have symptoms.

Deborah Amit

Deborah Amit, engineer

Asymptomatic patients are mostly carriers and it is very dangerous. If we are to break this never-ending Covid-19 chain, it is important to do swab tests on asymptomatic patients as well to be safe.

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