Building resilience through ‘THINK’ framework


KUCHING: Azran Osman-Rani, founder of Naluri, a digital therapeutics application for mental health and chronic disease management, has shared on building resilience through the ‘THINK’ framework developed by his team.

He explained that ‘THINK’ stood for ‘take control’, ‘hopeful outlook’, ‘informed actions’, ‘nurture yourself and nurture your network’, and ‘know your goals’.

“Resilience is our capacity to bounce back from failure and setbacks,” he said when presenting his talk on ‘The Future of Work: Courage, Curiosity and Resilience’ during the Graduates Enhancement Training Sarawak (GETS) 4.0 programme launch, which was held virtually on Wednesday (Sept 15).

“As this pandemic has shown all of us, when things don’t go according to our plans and we hit unexpected setbacks, there are usually two things that hold us back.”

Firstly, he said people were inclined to stick with what they were familiar and comfortable with as doing something new made them uneasy and involved more risk. As for the second, he said people usually wanted others to change as they believed themselves as right.

“But expecting others to change means we surrender our fate, happiness, and peace of mind to someone else, and since they are not likely to change, we wallow in our misery, frustration, and resentment that eats away inside of us.”

Azran, who is also former chief executive officer (CEO) of AirAsia X and former iFlix CEO, encouraged those who are keen to learn more about building resilience to sign up for a complimentary e-learning course on resilience at

“Sign up at to explore each of the six modules detailing the ‘THINK’ elements. The course includes short videos, interactive exercises, and inspirational quotes and images.

“With e-learning, you get to learn in your own time, consuming content and doing interactive exercises in small chunks.”

To further illustrate the ‘THINK’ resilience framework, he shared a story from his personal life, whereby in 2018 he had been struck by a car while cycling in Kuala Lumpur as part of his regular triathlon training.

He elaborated on his physical and emotional struggles during his arduous journey to recovery, which required much resilience.

“All of us go through negative emotions when we face setbacks and failures. At the time, I had to learn that there was no way I could find answers to these big questions.

“When things became overwhelming, I needed to focus on the smallest things that I could do which were within my control, and set aside the worries of those bigger questions.”

He said that with the support of his family and hospital staff, he had to take control — the first element of resilience under the ‘THINK’ framework.

Azran emphasised on the importance of maintaining a hopeful outlook in such situations as well.

“Life will knock us down hard and we cannot control what happens to us, but we can decide how we choose to respond.”

During his talk, he also demonstrated elements of the ‘THINK’ framework by sharing about his experiences, challenges, crises, and obstacles faced during his time with AirAsia X and iFlix.

In addition, he encouraged participants to know their goals — “When you set a goal, nothing can stop you. But you have to start now, not tomorrow.”

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