Call for more Dayak appointees

Leonard Martin Uning

various government initiatives

KUCHING: The Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has requested for more Dayak corporate figures be appointed to the boards of various government-linked bodies and government development business initiatives.

“These appointments are a form of capacity-building and prepare them for new business ventures,” said DCCI president Datuk Leonard Martin Uning during a press conference at the DCCI office here yesterday.

He said the bumiputera community should be provided such opportunities and hoped that they would be able to become captains of industries in various economic sectors being developed and emphasised upon by the state government.

Another proposal raised by DCCI was for a Government Bumiputera Protection Policy to be put in place to ensure that wealth created can be equitably distributed and to prevent the state economy from being controlled by just the few.

“Foreign investors in the oil and gas sector, energy sector and so on should have at least 30 percent on bumiputera content.

“Mega companies or corporations that have already awarded a mega project should not be allowed to participate in new mega projects or non-mega projects until they have completed the previous mega project,” said Leonard.

He also proposed that programmes to nurture and improve bumiputera participation in all economic sectors must be documented as policies in the Five-Year Development Plan, starting with the 12th Malaysia Plan.

“DCCI also recommends the government to create more bumiputera commercial centres in towns and cities including rural towns to bring more bumiputera businesses to the urban environment,” he said.

He noted that successful bumiputera business enterprises in cities and towns are those providing specialised health and nursing services, electrical and mechanical maintenance, cleaning services, and so on to meet the growing demands of the urban population.

In addition, DCCI proposed the creation of more incentives for the expansion and upgrading of Dayak companies to the level where they are able to get more sophisticated international players through deliberate networking and participation in international companies.