Confidence and diligence factors for success
By:Colinna Radang
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KUCHING: People must be confident and diligent in doing what they pursue in order to achieve success, said Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan.

The Minister for International Trade and Investment said these are among the key factors that can determine an individual’s success.

“Regardless of what field we venture into, we need to always be confident and have the spirit to work hard to succeed.

“This is because there is no easy way for anyone including traders and entrepreneurs.

“To achieve success, there must be discipline and high commitment,” he said when officiating at the opening of Aiman Mart in Riveredge Commercial Development here today.

Awang Tengah pointed out that there are many opportunities in the business sector including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as micro entrepreneurs.

“Community involvement in the business and enterprise sector is an area that is given focus as it can attract domestic and foreign investors to Sarawak as an important investment destination for big projects.

“The big projects often focus on the development of SMEs including micro entrepreneurs and B40 because these groups are the backbone of the state and country,” he said.

He also encouraged more people to get involved and enter the field of business and enterprise.

He said this can further expand the market of local products which can be exported to foreign countries.

“With the involvement of many communities in this field, it also provides ample job opportunities.

“We have various products and resources that have potential to penetrate a wider market, especially food products,” he said.

With lifestyle changes and the utilisation of advanced technology, Awang Tengah said these can be utilised to advance and expand the existing business sector.

Over 98.5 per cent of the entire business community in Malaysia and Sarawak is made up of SMEs including micro enterprises, hawkers, small traders and the B40 group.

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