Developer agrees to house buyers’ demands

TRIBUBAL MEMBERS … (from left): Robert, Lim and Trabawan.

KUCHING: Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal yesterday ordered a developer to rectify all house defects as demanded by six claimants.

Tribunal president Robert Elone Sireng along with two panelists Peter Lim Thiam Seng, Trabawan Mandi ordered Bodco Engineering and Construction Sdn Bhd to replace the house fences according to the agreements.

Robert said the developer was given 30 days to replace the chain link fences to those of mild steel (MS) grills.

“The six claimants complained that the fences were not as in the original specifications while two more complained of damages to their houses.

“According to the agreements, both front and rear fences should be of bricks and stainless steel but the developer failed to comply with the original plans,” he told reporters at the Old State Legislative Assembly Complex (DUN) yesterday.

He noted that the two other claimants complained of some damages to the walls and roofs of their houses although they had been repaired several times.

In the end, the developer agreed to fulfil all the claimants’ requests within the stipulated period.