Dr Sim comments on BKSS 6.0 for traders, hawkers

Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian

KUCHING: Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian says traders eligible for Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang (BKSS) 6.0 must be those operating stalls, kiosks, roadside stalls, among others, before June 1.

“This includes stalls inside coffee shops but they need to have the necessary documentation.

“However, online businesses are not included in the criteria for BKSS 6.0.”

He added that unregistered traders should do so with the respective councils and obtain permits.

“Those yet to register should do so as the last day of application of permit is June 30.

“In addition, the validity of the permit is from June to November this year and the fee of RM30 per month during this period will be waived.”

Under the BKSS 6.0, eligible petty traders and hawkers will be paid RM1,500 in two phases – RM750 in July and RM750 in December.

“Previous recipients need not apply for the permit, but they need to update their SarawakPay account status with the local authority as payment is done through SarawakPay.”

According to him, eligible applicants are those who have  food stalls, lock-up shops, markets, village shops or isolated shops, barbers or hair salons, and canteens (individual owner).