Flood victims in Sarawak decrease to over 800

Flood victims in Kampung Sebat Melayu, Lundu, were evacuated by firefighters to their relative's homes.

KUCHING: The number of flood victims in Sarawak has decreased from 934 on Saturday to 823 as of 4pm today.

Following that, only nine temporary flood evacuation centres remain opened in two districts, namely Simunjan and Serian as five centres have been closed.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said the centres closed are Dewan SK Tebakang, SK St Patrick, Dewan Buk Janjun and Balai Raya Babuk Bandar Ranchan in Serian; and Kampung Bangka Semong Multipurpose Hall in Kota Samarahan.

As of 4pm today, 175 victims from 85 families in Simunjan were evacuated to four centres, namely Dewan Mesra Simunjan with 96 victims, Kampung Seruyuk Mosque (12), Dewan Kampung Entangor (40) and Lubok Buntin Community Hall (27).

Flood victims in Kampung Sebat Melayu, Lundu, were evacuated by firefighters to their relative’s homes.

Meanwhile in Serian, a total of 648 victims from 209 families are seeking refuge in five evacuation centres namely, Dewan Kampung Slabi Entukuh, SK Tanah Puteh, Serian Community Hall, Dewan Kampung Rimba Padi and Ranchan Multipurpose Hall.

This morning, Lundu fire chief PPgB Putra Ila led a flood monitoring operation at Kampung Sebat Melayu in Lundu, a flood-prone area.

The monitoring found that the situation was under control as waters were starting to subside and rain has stopped.

Lundu firemen assisted in helping to evacuate the victims to their relative’s homes and their belongings to a higher place.

So far, no evacuation centres have been opened in the district.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) predicted that heavy rain in Sarawak is expected to continue until Feb 12.