Fresh terubok at your doorstep

Wan Mohd Hasbullah Wan Maahruf, Ikan Terubuk Sebuyau Seller with this fresh Ikan Terubuk.

A fish vendor is prepared to walk the extra mile to ensure that customers around Kuching and Kota Samarahan enjoy fresh ikan terubuk from Sebuyau.

Wan Mohd Hasbullah Wan Maahruf, 30, will bring the fresh terubok without charging a delivery fee to his customers during the movement control order (MCO) period.

Ikan Terubuk labelled by its prices

Hasbullah, who is from Sebuyau said he thought of the idea when he learned of the problems faced by customers travelling to Sebuyau during the MCO, apart from wanting to attract more people to buy the famed terubok from him.

“I use a motorcycle to transport the fish and travelling back and forth (Sebuyau-Kuching-Sebuyau) costs me only RM20 in petrol.

“So, I do not mind sending fish to customers around Kota Samarahan, Kuching, Batu Kawa, and even to Telaga Air without charging delivery fees.

“There are also customers who willingly want to pay for the delivery charges but I usually refuse unless they think of it as a charity,” he said of his ‘out-of-the-box marketing strategy.

Wan Mohd added that he followed the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and obtained permits from the authorities before going on his delivery service.

He stated that the most difficult aspect of delivering fresh fish to customers using a motorcycle was the unpredictability of the weather.

“When it rains, things get a little bit more difficult but it is not a big deal because for me there is no shortcut to earn money as every job comes with its own set of challenges,” he said.

“In addition to offering fresh fish, I am hoping that this free delivery approach would also attract more customers.”

Difference between Ikan Terubuk Hulu and Ikan Terubuk Laut

He explained that the terubuk from Sebuyau known as ‘terubuk hulu’ or ‘terubuk tempatan’ is very rich in flavour.

“The terubuk commonly found in Satok and Sadong Jaya areas are ‘terubuk Laut’ which has smaller eggs and a low-fat taste.

“The ‘terubuk hulu’ from Sebuyau tastes fattier, has bigger eggs and the price is also more expensive,” he said.

Wan Mohd said he only managed to send six fish to clients when he first started the service, but today he sends between 25 to 35 fish to his customers every day.

Ikan Terubuk caught by Wan Mohd Hasbullah Wan Maahruf

“Previously, I only promoted sales through orders via WhatsApp, but after receiving a lot of positive responses, I decided to post on Facebook.

“I am grateful to receive such a positive response from buyers, so far I have sent about 100 fish to my customers,” he said.

Wan Mohd, who has been a fisherman since he was 15 years old, said the price of terubok fish ranged from RM40 to RM70 per kg but he would sell the fish according to their size.

“In the past, I would frequently follow my father out to sea. Now, I am both a fisherman and a fishmonger.

He said the ‘Terubuk Hulu’ is a seasonal fish that usually appear between May and September.

Wan Mohd said fish connoisseurs would understand the difference between sea and upstream fish.

“The difference is not only in the taste but also in the shape of the fish.

 “To enjoy the rich flavor of ‘Ikan terubuk’, one needs to try ‘Terubuk Hulu’ or ‘Terubuk Tempatan’,” he said.

Those who are interested to buy and enjoy fresh terubuk from Sebuyau can contact Wan Mohd at 011-31563856 or through Facebook Wan Sewa Bot.

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