Government mulls upgrading water treatment plant

Razi and Chang during the meeting.

KUCHING: The state government will consider a proposal to upgrade the Debak Water Treatment Plant to meet the demand of consumers in Debak and its surroundings.

Saribas assemblyman Mohd Razi Sitam said the proposed upgrade would involve increasing the plant’s capacity to five million litres per day as a temporary solution, pending the completion of the Lubau Water Treatment Plant.

“Besides that, the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) will also conduct further comprehensive research especially in relation to construction of storage tanks in Kampung Mangut, Kampung Tuie and Kampung Supa areas taking into account the needs and capabilities of existing resources.

“We are also working to find a solution to the water problem in Saribas constituency by considering the suggestions and complaints of residents from Kampung Bungin, Kampung Serembang, Kampung Mangut, Kampung Supa, Kampung Medang, Kampung Tuie and Kampung Serabang as well as longhouse areas along Jalan Dit / Blassau and Rumah Jerai,” he said after a meeting at the JBALB headquarters today.

Razi urged the department to act more proactively in solving the water supply problem in his constituency.

“I also appealed to JBALB to review most of the consumer water bills as there are reports saying that the payment rate is not commensurate with the amount of water they use,” he said.

Also present was JBALB director Datuk Chang Kuet Sian.