Housing developers ordered to fix defects

Robert (centre) with panelists Mohammad Abdul Aziz Ariffin (left) and Trabawan Mandi during the press conference after the hearing of the cases on Tuesday (Sept 15).

KUCHING: The Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal ordered two housing developers to rectify all defects to the houses of two complainants on Tuesday (Sept 15).

The cases were handled by panel president Robert Elone Sireng along with two panelists Mohammad Abdul Aziz Ariffin and Trabawan Mandi.

The first case involved Yusmila Sapiee and Sentoria Borneo Land Sdn Bhd regarding the delay in submission of vacant possession and several defects to a single-storey corner terrace house measuring 257.5 square metres, located at Sublot 64, Borneo Samariang Garden.

For the case between Shoon Chong Jon, Bong Chung Jin, Soon Chong Teck and PR1MA Development Sdn Bhd, it was on the same issues (defects) to a four-storey apartment measuring 978 square metres, located at Level 3, Residensi PR1MA Homes, Matang.

“The total claim for Yusmila’s case is RM13,503.63 as it has been 649 days since she first purchased the house on Oct 12, 2018 – excluding 55 days of movement control order period.

“The court suggested that our engineer, Yusmila and the developer (Sentoria) inspect the defects together. This is for our officers to make the inspection when the developer has completed its work,” panel president Robert Elone Sireng said.

Whereas for the other case, Robert stated that there was no claim for late delivery except that the defects of their house would be rectified by the developer (PR1MA) within 45 days.

Among the problems were leaking ceiling, improper floor tiling, building not properly done and wall not properly plastered.

Failure to comply, the developers will be penalised not more than RM5,000 or charged RM1,000 per day depending on how many days of late work, or not more than two years imprisonment.