The injured policeman.

KUCHING: A policeman is in semi-conscious state after he was operated on at the Sarawak General Hospital here on Wednesday.

The 22-year- old from Bukit Aman who was attached to Kuching, was found unconscious at 1am along Kampung Astana road on Wednesday.

He was sent to the Sarawak General Hospital by members of the public.

He was reportedly suffering from injuries to his body and a wound on his head. He was also bleeding from his ears.

The injured policeman.

He was allegedly attacked as his helmet was found a distance away from his motorcycle and there were no signs of a self accident or a hit and run. His motorcycle was also badly damaged.

When contacted, Kuching police chief ACP Awang Din Awang Gani said his men had visited the hospital but the victim was still semi-conscious so they were unable to get any information from him.

He said police would conduct an investigation into the case.