Insurance groups distribute food aid at Sg Bidut

NAMLIFA committee members hand over the food aid to fire victims of Kpg Sentosa.

Sibu: The National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Family Takaful Advisors (NAMLIFA) Sibu Branch on Thursday (Oct 7) presented 31 food packages to the needy families in the west bank of Sibu.

The food packages were delivered to representatives of Cheng Yong Methodist Church at Sg Bidut for distribution.

The food aids were for the families who are in need of help at nearby Tanjung Engkilo and Bukit Lan areas.

This food bank project, according to the branch’s spokeswoman Catherine Huang started in August due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and would continue until December this year.

She said the numbers of monthly food basket would increase to 180 from this month until December.

“Initially when this project started on Aug 14, NAMLIFA branch committee members planned to give only 120 food baskets per month for three months,” she stated.

Huang said thus far a total of 362 food packages had been given out which included the needy families at Foochow lane, Hua Kiew Road, Tiong Hua Road, Jalan Diong Kik and Tanjung Kunyit areas.

Besides, she said this month food aids would also be given out to the needy families at Bahagia Jaya, Sungei Teku and Sungei Sadit.

Today the committee also gave food aids to 27 residents of the four families of Kpg Sentosa who are victims of recent fire which destroyed their home.

Last week food baskets were given to the needy families living along Oya Road, Tong Sang Road and Jalan Bukit Assek as well as nearby Uk Daik area.

The committee thanked those who donated in cash and kind in enriching the life of the needy families.