Issuance of land titles proves govt fulfills promises: DCM

PAKAN: A total of 409 land owners in the Jalan Pakan/SESCO area, received 452 land titles under Section 18 of the State Land Code, here, yesterday.

Awang Tengah

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan who handed over the land titles at a ceremony in Rumah Sedau, said this proved that the Sarawak government fulfilled its promises.

The plots of land, he said, were previously gazetted under Section 6 the State Land Code and the surveying of each plot was then carried out.

“I believe the people especially you, ladies and gentlemen, are able to gauge for yourselves and tell your friends and other communities that the NCR Land Survey Programme, a new initiative implemented by the state government, is real and a promise kept,” he told the audience.

Awang Tengah said the land perimeter survey was an ongoing process and the government’s recognition of the customary land ownership rights of the Bumiputeras.

He believed that with good intention, proper planning and solid cooperation among all parties concerned, the survey works could be done well and fast.

Since January until February this year, 25,796 individual lots totaling 32,017 hectares were surveyed.

“The focus this year is to survey more individual lots following the gazetting of 718,522 hectares for the issuance of land titles,” said Awang Tengah.

He said the task was a heavy one for the Sarawak Land and Survey Department which was entrusted with completing the surveying work within a reasonable time by setting the KPI which  could realistically be achieved.

Awang Tengah said he was grateful that the federal government had approved an allocation of RM21.5 million and channelled 50 per cent of the amount for continuation of the programme this year. – Bernama