THE state government has been urged to speed up the process of the issuance of individual titles under Section 18 of the Sarawak Land Code.

In pointing this out, Martin Ben (GPS-Kedup) voiced out that 18 villages under his constituency had yet to be given the titles though the application had been submitted two years ago.

“The villages have submitted applications for their Kampung Tradisi and Lot Pertanian which were carried out under DBNA’s documentation initiative.

“Though the applications were submitted in 2017, no titles have been issued.

“Therefore, I urge the related agencies to solve the issue,” he said when debating the state budget yesterday.

With the allocation of RM40 million under the Native Customary Land (NCR) New Initiative Survey programme, Martin expressed his hope that the involved agencies would be able to deliver the task.

Stressing the need to speed up of processing the issuance of land titles, Martin pointed out the slow process of the issuance of land title for Salcra participants.

“Only about 2,000 titles have been issued to participants from Kedup 1 and 2, Mongkos, Taee and Melikin estates.

“There are still more than 5,000 individual titles to be issued. Hence, I strongly urge the relevant agencies to issue the remaining titles as soon as possible,” he added.