Italy to allow family visits from May 4 in partial lockdown lift

GENOA: Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte on Sunday announced plans for easing the pandemic-hit nation’s lockdown from May 4, saying that Italians will be allowed to visit relatives within their region of residence, while any other movements will still only be allowed for work or health reasons, reported Sputnik news agency.

“What will happen after May 4? In the two weeks that will follow, so until May 18, we will have in general the continuation of the existing measures regarding social distancing and freedom of movement.

“So, measures concerning movements within regions will remain in place, movements will be allowed with proven work reasons and in situations of necessity and out of health reasons.

“The only addition that we make is the possibility of movements for visiting relatives. We are aware that many families have been separated, parents, grandchildren and grandparents,” Conte said in a televised address.

He said that family visits will have to be done while observing social distancing, wearing face masks and respecting the ban on assembling.

“We are not saying that from May 4 home parties and family reunions will be allowed,” Conte said.

He added that it will still be forbidden to move from one region to another by public or private transport. – Bernama

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