Semi Buda

SELANGAU: The Women’s Bureau of Rumah Garit here has called on the government through relevant agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to resolve bureaucratic problems involving agriculture assistance applications in the Kakus state constituency.

Its chairperson Semi Buda said, the applications, which have been sent by farmers in Kakus, have not been approved to this day.

“From my observation, farmers from other constituencies can easily obtain (agricultural) assistance compared to us.

“I have applied for assistance for rubber twice but both were rejected. The same goes to assistance for bananas (and other fruits) as well as oil palm — all of which were not approved and I do not know why,” she told our reporter.

Discouraged by the situation, Semi said most farmers in Kakus, especially in Rumah Garit, currently focus on growing vegetables on a small scale to be sold at the Mukah market.

She hoped that MPOB would be able to create a small oil palm plantation for them (Rumah Garit residents) as there is already a special area to sell oil palm produce near their longhouse.

Meanwhile, she thanked Kakus assemblyman Datuk John Sikie Tayai for providing an allocation of RM10,000 for the women’s bureau last Wednesday.

“With the allocation, it will enable us to buy kitchen utensils because we always cook together if there is any event.

“I also hope the government and private agencies can hold courses and trainings related to handicrafts, household economics and so on for the women in the Kakus state constituency to help them develop themselves,” she said.