Local manufacturers urged to register with Statos

KUCHING: Large and small Sarawak food manufacturers are urged to register their products with Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (Statos) for the chance to seal lucrative export and import deals.

Statos chief executive officer Chew Chang Guan said the registration is free of charge and there are tremendous interests among Singapore food importers in fresh and processed products from Sarawak.

Chew pointed out that Singapore is continually seeking alternative sources of food supplies.

“Both Sarawakians and Singaporeans share similar food tastes. This is why we strongly encourage Sarawak-based food producers to contact us and grab the trade opportunities available in Singapore.

“We want to work with and help Sarawak companies that seek international success. Some analysts and market watchers have said that there is hope for the world to experience an economic turnaround fueled by mass Covid-19 vaccinations that will eventually restore consumer spending in 2021 and beyond,” he added.

Chew explained that Statos’s services include introducing proactive Sarawak entrepreneurs to potential buyers and importers from Singapore as well as working with them to achieve market acceptance for their export-ready products.

He added that Statos will provide guidance to the companies that register with them.

“Exporting products to another country can be quite challenging at first. This is why we are keen to help home-grown companies to go international.

“We can assist to eradicate or erase this barrier to export trade. Food businesses need to know what products are in demand and where are the joint venture opportunities in Singapore,” he said.

Chew also said that Statos will resume site inspections by bringing importers from Singapore to Sarawak when travels permit.

“When travels permit, we will resume our site inspections by bringing importers from Singapore to Sarawak to meet our members, to tour their production sites and discuss joint venture opportunities.

“Some potential investors are also waiting to visit areas of interest such as agro parks. For Sarawakians, this is an opportune time to get ready,” he added.

Chew disclosed that there are profitable opportunities to cater to Singapore’s 5.8 million inhabitants as market research revealed that the nation’s consumers will part with hard earned cash for fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dairies, snack items and seasonings.

“For Sarawak, this positive situation is reinforced by Singapore which currently imports 90 percent of its nutritional food supplies from overseas,” he said.

Those who are interested can log on to https://statos.com.sg/, call +65 9176 8163 or email kenny.lau@statos.com.sg