Manhunt for armed robbery suspect

Policemen conducting investigations at the crime scene.

KAPIT: Police here are tracking down a man suspected to be involved in an armed robbery at a mini market at Jalan Temenggung Jugah last Sunday (Aug 8).

A female cashier was also injured by the suspect who committed the robbery with a knife.

District police chief, DSP Freddy Bian Stanislaus said the incident happened around 8.45pm when the suspect, wearing a helmet, face mask, black jacket and brown jeans, entered the premises to buy a prepaid top-up card.

At that moment, the 35-year-old female cashier and another employee were busy tidying up the shop as it was about to close operations at 9pm.

“The suspect came to buy the top-up card which cost RM5.50 and handed over RM6 to the cashier.

“As the woman was opening the cash register to take out the RM0.50 change, the suspect went up to the counter to take money from the cash register while holding a seven-inch knife.

“The victim managed to push the suspect away before fleeing into the store to save herself from being further injured by the aggressive suspect,” said Freddy, adding that the victim suffered injuries to her chin and index finger of her right hand.

Inside the mini market where the armed robbery happened.

The police chief said that the suspect managed to escape with RM600. 

It is believed that the suspect is a local based on his accent and that he is around 18 years old.

“The police are still actively tracking down the suspect. We request the public who have more information to contact the Kapit police station at 084-799622,” he said.