Mayor Chan: Not all stray dogs culled

KUCHING: The public are advised to cooperate with their local councils and relevant government departments to prevent the spread of rabies.

According to Mayor of Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Dato James Chan, local councils and the state government are not culling all stray dogs in the state as portrayed.

He said Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas has kindly consented to work together with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and Save Our Strays (SOS) group during the operation so that their members can see how things are done.

“Although MBKS is part and parcel of the team doing the so-called catching roaming or stray dogs, we are also concerned with the safety of people living in the areas.

“The state government is fully committed to stop the spread of rabies and we hope that NGOs will continue to work with the government including the people and only then can we stop the spread of rabies,” Mayor Chan said this after receiving a courtesy call from members of Kuching City Hash Club in his office at MBKS here, yesterday.

Chan also said that the state government also recognised the methods given by NGOs on preventing the spread of rabies, which is through vaccination, neutering and others.

However, he said, the prime objective of the operation and the same also for MBKS, is to prevent the spread of rabies, not only in Kuching, but throughout the state.

Chan said: “There must be a give and take in the society, we are all animal lovers, but at the same time we must also take care of our people. So there is a very fine balance here and please don’t accuse the state government by saying that it is killing all dogs which is not true.”

“The government also holds vaccination programme every weekend for free and it is doing its best at it,” said Chan, adding that the people must work together with MBKS irrespective of their belief in order to make Kuching city safe.