MPP chief Lo Khere Chiang looking with dismay at a dirty drain.
MPP chief Lo Khere Chiang looking with dismay at a dirty drain.

KUCHING: Padawan Municipal Chairman, Lo Khere Chiang expressed dismay at the callous behaviour of litter bugs who dumped their waste into a drain at Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

Lo who is also the Batu Kitang State Assemblyman said he felt very disappointed that despite years of education through the electronic and media on anti-littering, there are still people who have a “couldn’t-care less” attitude with no regards to the health of neighbours.

He said it was most unfortunate as Stampin Resettlement Scheme is an urban area and the people should know better the danger of dumping waste into the drains.

“Everyone must play a role in keeping their environment clean.

The dumping is an eye-sore which affects all the residents of Stampin. Do not think that it is not your house, you can get away with it. With such dumping in the drains, it causes clogs and there will be flash flood during rainiy weather.

“The worst scenario is that, such dirty rubbish will cause breeding of aedes mosquitoes and rodents thriving in such environment. Those who dump the waste should know that mosquitoes will not select victims,” he said.

Lo hoped that it was not the people in the area who dump the rubbish there and urged them to report to the relevant authorities if they see any outsiders or even the locals there dumping the waste.

“Do your part and report to us, either to me or the councillors, JKR, Trienekens and anyone you feel comfortable with. We must work together to put an end to this unhealthy unethical habits once and for all,” he appealed to the people.

The public, he added, will serve as an eye and ears for the authorities who need to work together to ensure that illegal dumping is eliminated. Lo pointed out that residents can also call Trienekens’ hotline 082-612300 to collect their bulk waste at minimal fees.

He advised them to supply information on the date of the litter bugs, time as well as any registration number of the vehicles. With easy access on mobile phones, Lo said that they could take photos too of the litter-bugs discretely. He said those who supply the information will have their identities kept confidential.

Under Sction 18(3) of the Local Authorities (Cleanliness By-Laws, 1999), those who were caught with illegal dumping would be fined not more that than RM1,000 for the first offence and RM2,000 for the second offence or a jail term of not more than six months or both.