SIMUNJAN: A new 8km road will be constructed to connect Simunjan from the Batang Sadong bridge to shorten travel time to town. 

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road, Datuk Julaihi Narawi revealed that it would be an alternative route to get to town. The current road stretches a total of 18km, a difference of 10km. 

“The construction of the alternative route is currently under the midterm review of the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP),” he said while visiting Kampung Pisang here yesterday.

Also in the midterm review were proposed road upgrading projects for Pantong Melayu/Sabun Road, Kampung Sabun – Kampung Nanas bypass and proposed RC bridge at Kampung Pantong Iban. 

Aside from that, Julaihi also disclosed the details on the current upgrading progress of 4km of Jalan Tanjung Pisang. 

“The road is currently R1 standard with its 4-metre width to be upgraded to R3 standard with a width   of 6 metres,” he said. 

The road is expected to be completed by early March. It is also part of two other road upgrading   projects in Simunjan. The other two projects have already been completed.

Julaihi noted that there were four other road upgrading projects that have been completed in Sebuyau. 

Also present during the visit was Simunjan State Assemblyman, Awla Dris.