ACP Awang Din

KUCHING: Snap checks and patrols will still be intact during Hari Raya to ensure that the conditional movement control order (CMCO) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are adhered to.

Kuching district police chief ACP Awang Din Awang Gani said police will still follow their usual routine to enforce the order during festive celebrations.

He added that they will carry out their duties of advising the public during inspections either at business premises or during vehicle inspections.

“We have three patrol teams for three shifts, and a team consisting around 10 to 12 personnel from the police, army, People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela), Civil Defence Force (APM) and local authorities.

“Apart from that, we also mobilised other teams for areas such as residential areas,” he said when contacted.

Awang Din also said the tourist police unit (UPP) will be tasked to patrol common areas, also known as public areas.

As for patrols and inspections in commercial areas, entertainment centres and parks, it will be handled by teams from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) and the Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (NCID).

During the eve of Hari Raya on Saturday night, fireworks were set off in anticipation of the celebration.

When asked whether the police took action, Awang Din said the patrol teams will monitor the situation and the police will identify from where the fireworks were supplied from.