Pandelela a great heroine of Bung Bratak
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KUCHING: The Bung Bratak Heritage Association said on Tuesday it saluted Pandelela Rinong for bringing great respect and pride to Sarawak and Malaysia, particularly the Dayak and Bidayuh communities.

“Datuk or no Datuk, whatever the state government decides to give her in whatever form, we say thank you very much,” said the association president Datuk Peter Minos.

Minos said the association was also greatly honoured by the achievements of the national diver because she came from Kampung Jugan in Bau, a village which originated from Bung Bratak.

“She is a great heroine of Bung Bratak,” he added when asked to comment on calls by a group of Bidayuh political and community leaders for Pandelala to be justly rewarded for her latest achievement.

“All the praises fellow Sarawakians and Malaysians are singing to Pandelela really make us feel happy and proud as members of the Bidayuh and Dayak communities. It is not easy to describe the feeling in words but it is there. Yes, it is real,” he added.

Minos said it was really good and fine that, once in the blue moon, a hero and a champion of the very top and of an international standing, came along and brought so much respect and honour to the state and country.

“It is thus left to state and country to see fit how to reciprocate and honour such an exceptionally outstanding person…of the very highest order,” he added.

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