Parental care vital to help drug addict children

Head of AADK Kuching District Sharifah Azimah Said Ismail

KUCHING: Parents should not lose hope of their children who are involved in drugs, said Sarawak National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) Kuching district chief Sharifah Azimah Said Ismail.

She said continuous support from parents was the most crucial to help them to kick off the bad habit and to ensure them from returning to drugs.

“The responsibility is indeed not an easy task to bear. And here comes our role to help treat individuals with drug abuse and addiction problem. Therefore, we are encouraging parents to come forward voluntarily in seeking help to treat their children, if they are involved in drugs,” she said when met by reporters at AADK office here in Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui on Sunday (Dec 20).

She explained it was imperative to seek treatment at the early stage before the condition worsen.

“Drug addicts on Syabu, for instance, would have a severe impact on their mental if they continue to use it and not seek for treatment,” she said.

Limited facility and the scarcity of the capacity to accommodate drug addictions in Sarawak, she added, has remained as the major constraint for the agency to be able to meet the needs by those seeking treatment in other part of Sarawak.

“Currently, the agency here in Sarawak only has one Cure and Care Rehabilitation Centre (CCRC) located in Puncak Borneo.

“The new rehab centre building now is capable to accommodate 250 trainees at any one time,” she clarified.

Sharifah also informed the new rehab centre in Puncak Borneo currently occupied by 130 trainees and it only provided for men.

“Rehab centre for woman under AADK only available in Bechok, Kelantan. This is one and only centre for women provided by our agency.

“Currently, women drug addicts from Sarawak gets their treatment at the Cure and Care clinic which is provided under Puspen,” she added.