SIBU: Minister of International Trade and E-Commerce and Second Minister of Finance, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh continued his third-day Gawai Dayak 2017 visit to 16 longhouses in Bawang Assan Constituency here on Thursday.

During his visit, Wong handed over several Minor Rural Project (MRP) grants totalling RM529,000 to the longhouses.

Wong, who is also Bawang Assan State Assemblyman, has begun his Gawai Dayak visit to Rumah Hassan and Rumah Bina at Trusan Road.
He then continued his Gawai Dayak visit to Rumah Chinda, Rumah Anchum, Rumah Franky, Rumah Suria, Rumah Deni, Rumah Juddy and Rumah Mathew Maja in Rantau Panjang.

In the afternoon and evening, Wong and his entourage continued their Gawai Dayak visit to Rumah Jambar, Rumah Adin in Sungai Engkalat, and Rumah Catherine Tamoh and Rumah Francis in Sungai Aup.

Speaking to reporters, the United People’s Party (UPP) president said the Gawai Dayak visit was an event which he had been doing since he became the people’s representative in 1991.

“Every year, when it comes to the festive seasons, I would visit people in order to foster closer relations with them besides celebrating the Gawai Dayak here,” he said.

Moreover, he said as the people’s representative in Bawang Assan Constituency, it was his responsibility to understand the needs and problems faced by the people.

Wong was accompanied by Sibu UPP Service Board chairman, Dato Andrew Wong, UPP Bawang Assan Bumiputera Unit chief, Andrew Shilling Bangit, Pemanca James Semilan, Penghulu Jeffery Sut and others.