RTK-Antigen tests only for Bintulu now

By Rachel Mina

KUCHING: The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on Monday (Sept 13) announced that results of RT-PCR or RTK-Antigen tests were no longer required for cross-district movements except for Bintulu from Tuesday onwards.

In a statement today, the committee explained that decision was made based on whole-genome sequencing findings on positive Covid-19 samples and that about 100 per cent of the screening results were for Delta variants.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) Institute of Health and Community director, Prof Dr David Perera said that the screening results were from the 12 divisions in Sarawak, indicated that the variant had spread throughout the state.

However, the committee said an approval permit from the police was required to cross between districts.

On another note, SDMC also declared that the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) would be enforced at 12 new localities.

“From Sept 12 until Sept 25 in Bintulu, the EMCO has been enforced at Rumah Engkabang Anggang at Jalan Bintulu Miri; Block A, B, M, L, G of Flat Sungai Plan; and Block I of PPR Bandar Ria.

“Rumah Gani Lansam, Sungai Sebangat and Rumah Eyus Esek, Sungai Senggam in Sebauh are also undergoing the EMCO from Sept 12 to Sept 25,” it said.

From today (Sept 13) until Sept 26, Rumah Thaddeus, Pulau Brunei in Limbang; Rumah Geramong, Nanga Ayam in Julau; and Rumah Mandau, Bintangor in Meradong; and Rumah Juan, Kampung Parit Beruang and Rumah James, Paku Ulu in Sri Aman are undergoing the EMCO.

Rumah Anthony Ladi, Bakong in Beluru and Rumah Igat Jimbun, in Kabong at Kop, Sungai Sawa, Roban were placed under the EMCO from today (Sept 13) until Sept 27.

Meanwhile, the SDMC also revealed the extension of the EMCO at six localities in the districts of Mukah, Sri Aman, Lubok Antu and Betong.

“In Mukah, the EMCO at Kampung Sungai Alo and Kampung Sungai Alo Settlement was extended to Sept 18

“Rumah Miah, Pantu in Sri Aman will be under the EMCO until Sept 20 while the EMCO at Rumah Manai, San Panjai in Lubok Antu will be extended until Sept 27,” said the committee.

Meanwhile, the EMCO at three localities in Betong, namely, Rumah Nyanggau at Spaoh, Rumah Ganya at Debak and Rumah Ulis at Tanu has been extended until Sept 27.

The SDMC today also declared the end of the EMCO at four rental rooms in Bintulu on Sept 12, namely, the rental rooms above Car Wash 63 at Commerce Square, Joyful Café, Ing Hing Tyre and Elaine Trading.

Two more localities where the EMCO ended today were Rumah Norma Sanggat in Tatau and Rumah Edwin Gaung in Sebauh.

Today also saw the end of the EMCO at Rumah Chali Jail, Bukit Sekubong (Sebauh); Rumah Jepo, Rumah William@Liun, and Kampung Medang, Spaoh in Betong; Rumah Ribon, Menyang Sedi (Lubok Antu); rental room above 101 Food Court and SK Ulu Segan Quarters in Bintulu; Rumah Ado   Bilong, Sungai Kakus (Tatau); Rumah Miah, Kampung Munggu Ridan, Pantu (Sri Aman) and Ladang TH Sungai Rasau (Simunjan).

The EMCO at Rumah Andi, Lubok Besai, Entaih in Pakan ends on Tuesday (Sept 14).