SAR still ongoing

SAR personnel still looking for the missing man believed to be attacked by a crocodile in Sungai Undey.

PUSA: There is still no sign of Sarkawi Talip, 61 as the search operation enters day four (July 5) — the victim went missing after he was believed to be attacked by a crocodile at Sungai Undey.

In the fourth day of the search and rescue (SAR) operation today, the State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) have conducted a search radius of 3km upstream from the victim’s last known location and 5km downstream from the Bomba control post.

The search started at 10am due to the heavy downpour when the SAR personnel arrived at the control post — the operation was postponed at 6pm.

Last Thursday, the department received a distress call from Pusa police station about the missing man at 3.45pm and despatched firefighters from the Betong fire station.

The victim was said to have gone out to collect sago stems with his friends at Sungai Undey.

According to Bomba, the victim was trying sago palm branches at the riverbank when a crocodile attacked him — dragging his body into the river.

The incident was witnessed by one of his friends.