Sarawak to plant 7 million trees annually

Datuk Hamden Mohammad.

KUCHING: In a bid to promote reforestation and sustainable forest management, Sarawak aims to plant a total of seven million trees this year, said Datuk Hamden Mohammad.

In saying this, the Forest Department Sarawak (FDS) director disclosed that Sarawak thus far has planted 6,706,558 trees as of today.

“The state has targetted to plant 35 million trees within five years which means we must plant seven million trees every year.

“This is not an easy task. If there are no efforts, the statistics will be stagnant and we cannot achieve the target.

“I believe that Sarawak will be able to achieve and perhaps even exceed its target of seven million trees by the end of this year. I am confident that fellow Sarawakians will do their part in helping us to achieve this,” he said.

He said this during the launch of the department’s Greening Sarawak 2021 Social Media Competition at the Baitul Makmur II building today (Aug 11).

Hamden stated that the Forest Landscape Restoration campaign, launched in 2019 is one of the initiatives by the state government to ensure that Sarawak preserves at least 60 percent of its forest.

The campaign not only focuses on preserving the state’s forests but also in other areas such as residential areas, schools, commercial and mixed zones that are suitable for tree planting.

“Our Forest Landscape Restoration campaign is now called the Greening Sarawak campaign. We are calling upon fellow Sarawakians to plant trees in their backyard and any other suitable areas.

“The most important thing and focus are on the number of trees planted. As the focal agency or the secretariat, FDS will collect data for the statistics,” he said.

Hamden said the FDS is calling for all to participate in the campaign and contribute to the state’s progress.

He disclosed that the public can visit the Greening Malaysia website to see the latest updates and more information about the statistics.

“Individuals or companies interested in participating can register at

“I believe that the statistics of planting trees would make us happier in comparison to the daily Covid-19 statistics that continue to be alarming,” he said.

“We are also planning to organise a drive-thru distribution of plant seedling and a mobile outreach Greening Sarawak throughout the state,” he added.

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