Several areas in Bau under water


KUCHING: Bau District has taken a huge hit from floodwaters, resulting in a number of families being rescued and transported to nearby temporary evacuation centres (PPS).

Buildings were seen either fully or partially submerged and worse, landslides were also prevalent in several areas.

Floods due to incessant rain on Wednesday and Thursday (Jan 14) affected Kampung Bogag, Kampung Grogo, Jalan Krian, Tasik Biru and Kampung Buso, among others.

A church at Kampung Suba Buan was also almost fully submerged alongside a good part of Kampung Buso and Kampung Pangkalan Bau.

Landslide at Kampung Atas

According to Bau Fire and Rescue Department chief Tawang Lingem, landslides were reported at Kampung Grogo, Kampung Keranji, Bau-Kuching Road, Kampung Apar and Kampung Atas.

He said some of the landslides occurred in the wee hours of the day but fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported.

He added that evacuation operations were also carried out in Tondong and flood victims were brought to nearby PPS.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee reported that as of Thursday, 4pm, 774 victims consisting of 179 families had been evacuated to PPS.

Seventeen PPS had been set up to accommodate the flood victims.