SMK Sibu Jaya students come out tops

Student team leader Michellia presents their award certificate for Lau’s (left) purview. Seen on the far right, is their teacher cum advisor Mackencidy who sent an S.O.S to the senator to help his students navigate their way out of the financial roadblock.


SIBU: Students of SMK Sibu Jaya won Gold Award in the recent regional Eco-Green Tech competition.

Their victory was attributed to their innovative invention in the contest organised by the Environmental Conservation Association of Malaysia with the support of the Ministry of Education and other non-governmental organisations.

They have Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew to thank for as initially their quest to join the contest hit a financial snag and roadblock.

They were unable to raise the funds needed to participate and it seemed their effort in producing a medical kit from recycled materials would come to nought. 

Fortunately for these plucky teens from the school, their teacher Mackencidy Bujang reached out for help and Lau responded positively. 

His faith in the teenagers was proven right when they went on to pick up the top prize.

On Tuesday (Oct 6), the students presented the medals and certificates for their benefactor’s purview and to thank him personally for his financial aid which enabled the project to a fruitful conclusion.

Team leader, Michellia Mayclint Kwong said without the senator’s help, they would have likely given up. 

“We honestly did not know how and where to raise the money needed for the competition,” she said. 

Besides thanking Lau, the students also gave thanks to their teachers Mackencidy, Wong Chiong Sing and Randy Kembaren Zulfri who guided them. 

Lau, in his brief advice for the students, encouraged them to keep striving and be fearless in going after their dreams. 

“If you do not try, there is not a single chance of succeeding. But if you are willing to try and give it your best, your chances of success increase exponentially,” he said.

Praising them for their hard work, he looked forward to their future projects and promised them that if they showed the same commitment for their studies, success was just a few steps away. The other students in the award-winning team were Stacy Pili, Memisa Entap, Cammelia Bekeli and Audrella Tiffany Lau.

The senator later treated everyone to a luncheon, to celebrate their victory.