State government urged to review RMCO relaxations

KUCHING: Last Saturday, Sarawak recorded its highest daily at 55 cases, with Sibu recording the highest number of cases at 37.

This brings the question whether the relaxation of the recovery movement control order (RMCO) should be reviewed again by the state government.

The increase in cases has left Sarawakians worried about their health and safety when going out, even with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place.

New Sarawak Tribune managed to speak to the public to get their opinions regarding the relaxation of RMCO in the state, whereby many agreed that it should be reviewed by the state government.

They expressed their worries with the rising cases, with some voicing their disapproval of those who still don’t comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and are complacent.

At the same time, some also thought that a targeted movement control order (MCO) should be implemented at areas that are at risk of producing super spreaders.

Willis William

Willis William, 35, farmer

I think the RMCO in the state should be reviewed again by the government. There should be more movement restrictions at certain areas or hotspots so that in the future, positive cases will not rise again.

Sarah Laong

Sarah Laong, 26, engineer

The movement control order (MCO) should be implemented at orange or red zone. There are risks that certain areas can produce super spreaders. Implementing the MCO in certain areas is one way to stop infections.

Nur Shafiqah Asyikin Hazukki

Nur Shafiqah Asyikin Hazukki, 22, student

The government should review the relaxation of RMCO. We too need to be more cautious because we are too relaxed about Covid-19. We should learn from what happened to other huge cases from other states. We as citizens also have the responsibility to stop this from happening again.

Adelin Sentini Juka

Adelin Sentini Juka, 30, administration assistant

I think RMCO should be reviewed because there are people who are too stubborn to follow the SOPs. To get rid of Covid-19, we need to set ourselves straight and follow the regulations made so that the efforts of the government will not be in vain. Remember to take care of each other.

Azizan Aziz

Azizan Aziz, 24, fresh graduate

The relaxation of RMCO should be reviewed because people still ignore the SOPs and are of the view that Covid-19 is already gone. We should take this seriously and accept the new norm. Just avoid crowded places and only go out if necessary. It is the only way to get rid of this virus.