Suspected organ trafficker surrenders

Datuk Dev Kumar M M Sree

KUCHING: A man who recently told a British newspaper of his involvement in an international human organs trade has been arrested after surrendering himself at the Kuching district police headquarters here yesterday, said Sarawak Deputy Police Commissioner Datuk Dev Kumar M M Sree.

The 48-year-old man was exposed by an investigative report from The Sun.

The suspect had boasted to undercover reporters at a hotel here that he had masterminded 45 illegal kidney sales, and had over 100 potential kidney sellers around the world.

They were sourced through his Facebook page. Reporters from The Sun had posed as kidney buyers during the expose.

“The suspect surrendered himself at the Kuching district police hearquarters at 1.45pm,” said Dev.

“Police have been hunting for the man for several days after The Sun alleged in their report that the man was selling kidneys via Facebook.”

Dev said the suspect would be remanded today for investigation under Section 15 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007.

On Aug 8, reporters pretended to be a kidney buyer for a relative and met with the suspect in a hotel here.

Captured on video, the suspect said he had been selling organs since 2010.

He said his fees included bribes for a clinic in Manila, the Philippines to perform the operations.

The suspect initially charged a fee of £55,000 (RM301,500) for supplying the kidney, and an additional £65,000 (RM356,300) for payment to the clinic.

He then offered the journalist a kidney with an organ transplant package worth £85,000 (RM466,440), specially for British citizens.

He also confirmed links with the international organ trade.


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