The Haunted House – latest city attraction 

Huge crowd visits the haunted house.

KUCHING: People are often being frightened with horror movies or stories about hospitals, hotels and old buildings that have been abandoned and turned into haunted places.

Such places are often the focus of paranormal investigators in search of spirits or beings that are invisible to the naked eye.

The activities are often shown live through various social media platforms and get high viewers within the community.

Bringing the same experience, a group of local young people have created ‘The Haunted House Series-TAKUT’ in the heart of Kuching city.

Huge crowd visits the haunted house.

Being the first of its kind being set up in Sarawak, it brings visitors the experience of visiting a haunted house.

In fact, activities like this are becoming increasingly popular around the world, by placing actors to wear scary costumes in the form of various types of ghosts.

According to one of the founders, Mohamad Dzaizul Hafiz Alimin, 38, the idea of ​​setting up a haunted house in a former hotel building was actually planned in 2019, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be postponed.

“The idea resumed last year after the pandemic subsided. Now that the situation is better, we continue the idea and this building was chosen because it also has its own story. There are mystical things happening here,” he said.

He said they themselves had experienced some strange events while in the building such as the door was locked and opened on their own and being disturbed while performing prayers.

“The selection of the location at the Singgahsana Lodge building was also made because it is located near the Kuching Waterfront which is a tourist attraction.

“At the same time, in line with our mission to make it one of the main attractions for people when they come to Kuching, it may be a must-visit place in the future,” he said.

Commenting on the concept, he said it was quite unique because it was themed ‘reunion of all ghosts’ by featuring various types of ghosts from abroad and within the country.

“We want to bring a different experience, not only typical ghosts such as pocong, toyol and pontianak but also including tall ghosts, nocturnal vampires, mummies, clowns and many more.

“Actually, the room decoration and the types of ghosts featured will change every two weeks so that visitors do not feel bored” he said, while adding that so far there are five ghost actors and it will be added after looking at the response from the public.

The founders of The Haunted House Series – TAKUT. As seen (from left) Hafiz, Nik, Nazri and Lam Chung Kiat.

He is sharing the business with Lam Chung Kiat, 44, Mohd Nazri Arpan, 34, and Nik, 38

Most of the costumes used were self made and imported from abroad to make sure it was really creepy.

At the same time, he stressed that his party also prioritised safety measures and adhered to standard operating procedures (SOP) to curb the spread of COVID-19

“We always do sanitation, provide hand sanitiser, ensure visitors are fully vaccinated and others.

“And we only allow about three to six people to enter the premises at a time and it takes about eight to 15 minutes.

“Alhamdulillah, I did not expect the response to be so encouraging that there are customers who are willing to line up as early as 5.30pm to experience the goosebumps,” he said.

While commenting on future plans, he said various reforms would be brought such as the use of technology that brings a more real experience, making lost room and more throughout the three floors of the building.

He hoped that the effort would get the attention and positive response from the foreign and local community so that it could be expanded to the whole of Sarawak in the future.

The haunted house is open daily from 7pm to 12 midnight with tickets on sale at RM18 for adults and RM9 for children.

Huge crowd visits the haunted house.
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