The housewife with multiple businesses


KUCHING: By focusing on more than one business (food, clothing, and mobile spa services), 39-year-old housewife Massilawati Suhai Melian has been able to supplement her family’s income.

“I started the business in 2018 as I am a full-time housewife,” she said when contacted recently.

According to Massilawati, thanks to the support and guidance of her family, she continues to persevere in the business world.

“With the current economic situation, I think we need to work hard and not solely focus on one business as a source of income.

“We need to be creative and diversify the types of products sold to earn a lucrative income,” she added.

Apart from taking orders for ketupat and providing catering services, Massilawati also sells several other food products including chips and chocolate ‘choco’ jars.

“I also provide delivery services assisted by my husband,” she said.

“For clothing products, I sell hijab and niqab that have just been released at a reasonable price.

“Sometimes I receive custom orders for the niqab for certain occasions, such as weddings or engagements,” she said.

The hijab and niqab that Massilawati sells.

In addition, Massilawati also provides home spa service known as ‘Masscla Home Services’ which offers traditional and beauty massages.

“I run my businesses with the help of my children and husband.

“So far, customers’ responses have been satisfactory and I even have regular customers,” she said.

On the body massage and spa services, Massilawati said that it is done from house to house according to customers’ requests.

“Usually, I use homemade coconut oil for traditional massages, while for facial treatments I prepare homemade lavender scented coffee scrub,” she said.

She added that while every business has its own challenges, it is important to always persevere.

She also plans on opening her own branch in the future to expand her business as her family’s legacy.

“For customers who are interested in ordering or procuring my services, you are welcome to visit my Facebook page (Allanokaw-wmasscla7982) or call me at 018-9861634,” she said.