TVS tackles mental health


KUCHING: Increasing society’s awareness about mental health and all related issues has become a major necessity for society today. Here, to adress the matters and problems faced by the community about mental health TVS’s  ‘Anda Bahagia’ programme.

This original TVS series airs every Monday and Wednesday at 12.15 noon.

Featuring Osha Basri as the host and mental health expert from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) Dr Amalia Madihie to answer the audience’s questions, this segment explores various issues related to mental health.

Among the topics covered include ways to build better mental health and self-esteem, deal with stress and rise from adversity, and achieve a healthy balance between work and life.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Media Group (SMG) chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman when met recently hoped that the programme would be able to help the community in dealing with their problems.

He added that every show broadcasted by TVS is in line with its goal to be a platform that is able to provide useful and beneficial information to its viewers.