Walk to honour revered educator

Robert Lau (centre front row) with Sacred Heart Scheool Old Students Association president Yong King Sung (second from left) and other office bearers, tasked with organising the 120th anniversary do.

SIBU: Former students of Sacred Heart Secondary School here will be holding an event to honour its former principal the late Brother Albinus.

According to the organising chairman Senator Robert Lau, the ‘Walk in Honour of Brother Albinus’ will be held on Friday Jan 1, next year at 7.30am from the starting point of the newly renamed Jalan Brother Albinus. It will end at the school.

This is done as a launching programme for the school’s 120th anniversary celebration. Bishop Joseph Hii, a former student of the school, will lead the walk.

“It’s a fitting tribute to a legendary educator who dedicated his life to students from all races and backgrounds,” Lau said today.

Former students, especially those who were directly under Brother Albinus’ tutelage from 1972 to 1986, have been called upon to participate in the event.

“Let us honour his memory and pay homage to him by turning up for the walk,” Lau said.

At the end of the walk, participants will proceed to the SHS Centenary Hall to observe a minute of silence for their late principal.

Bishop Hii who has been invited as the guest of honour will then deliver a speech before declaring the start of a year-long celebration to mark the school’s 120th anniversary.

Some of the activities lined up for the year, are the refurbishment of the Centenary School Hall public address system, a sports carnival and a grand dinner scheduled for the final quarter of 2021.

All participants have also been urged to adhere strictly to the prevailing standard operating procedures (SOPs) put in place to combat Covid-19.

“Come with your face masks and observe social distancing at all times,” the senator added.

Sacred Heart School was established in 1902 by the Mill Hill Brothers before its management was handed over to the La Salle Brothers.

The final La Salle principal was Brother Albinus before Malaysian educators took over as principals from 1987 onwards.

Since its establishment, Sacred Heart School had spawned more than 10 other mission schools such as St. Elizabeth and St. Rita.

The school is renowned for producing outstanding students who went on to become movers and shakers in the civil and private sectors.

The high degree of discipline and commitment to strive for excellence is deeply instilled in the students.

To this day, many former students still speak fondly of their alma mater and continue to return to lend a helping hand, whenever being called upon.