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Masing suggests ‘Please aim. We aim to please’ signage to ensure people don’t miss the toilet bowl

KUCHING: When it comes to toilet manners, too many Malaysians either don’t care or they are just plain bad shooters — and miss the bowl.

This Malaysian incapacity has got Prime Minster Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad puking over dirty and smelly public toilets in Peninsular Malaysia on Tuesday.

The situation isn’t too far different in Sarawak either, which drew Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing into the issue yesterday.

Masing feels Malaysians need reminders in a clear, loud manner and has suggested a novel way to get people to do it right.

“I would suggest a signage like ‘Please aim. We aim to please’.

“And have this signage placed at all public toilets just so that Malaysians don’t shoot and shit anywhere but in the bowl,” he said to New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

He added that he couldn’t agree more with the prime minister’s observation of nauseous and stinky public toilets across the country.

“Yes, it shows our couldn’t-care-less attitude, which means we have to go back to basic.

“Cleanliness starts at
home, thus Malaysians should educate their children from a
very young age just like the Japanese do.

“The relevant agency, too, must be on its toes and remind users to keep the toilets clean,” said Masing.

During the official launch of civic education for schools in Putrajaya on Tuesday, Dr Mahathir said poor toilet etiquette was the result of bad attitude and lack of self-discipline.

“I am very ashamed. This is a reflection of our attitude. We should feel embarrassed but instead, we feel it is alright (not to keep the toilets clean) because no one will know who does what.

“This shows that we lack civic consciousness in our hearts,” exclaimed the prime minister.

Some time back, the poor and unhygienic state of a government hospital’s toilets was brought to the attention of Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.

The MP went to see the toilets for himself and said, “It (condition of toilets) is not just affecting patients, but also family members and visitors coming to the hospital.”

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