13-ft croc caught in drain

The 13-foot long saltwater crocodile spotted in a drain near the Samariang Muslim Cemetery last Friday.

KUCHING: Local villagers had the shock of their lives when they spotted a 13-foot long saltwater crocodile in a drain near the Samariang Muslim Cemetery last Friday (May 7).

A spokesman from the Civil Defence Force (APM) said a three-man team was deployed to the scene after receiving a distress call around 4.15pm.

“The villagers were fishing for shrimps when they noticed the reptile in a drain.

“Upon arriving, the APM team immediately carried out the rescue operation using ropes and a piece of cloth,” a spokesman said.

Once it was hooked on, the team slowly lifted the crocodile out from the drain and brought it to a safer spot to secure it.

The reptile was later handed over to Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) for further action.

APM personnel lifting the reptile which was covered with a piece of cloth out from the drain with ropes.