96 villagers benefit from Army Day CSR programme

Free health and dental examination for villagers in Kampung Gedong, Simunjan.

KUCHING: Ninety-six villagers from Kampung Gedong in Simunjan have benefited from a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme held in conjunction with the 88th Army Day.

Under the Jiwa Murni programme, four officers and 20 members of different ranks from the Malaysian Army First Medical Battalian and 609 PGAT Semenggo conducted free health and dental examinations on the villagers at the village’s community hall from March 8 to 9.

The CSR programme coincided with this year’s celebration theme ‘Synergy between the Army and The People: The Pillar of National Sovereignty’. It allowed those involved to forge better relationships with one another and was successfully conducted under the new normal. 

Of the total number of villagers who went for the health examinations, 41 were male and 35 females while 15 male villagers and five female villagers went for the dental examinations.

Only seven patients were allowed at a given time to ensure that social and physical distancing was observed. 

A mobile treatment team conducted house visits for villagers who were unable to go to the examination centre. The team consisted of one officer and three members.