Abang Jo to contest Gedong seat? Why not?

Abang Johari (front second left) in a discussion with Naroden (second right) prior to a media conference held in conjunction with the ground-breaking event as Nancy (left) and others look on. Photo: Ghazali

GEDONG: Residents here have welcomed news that Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg is mulling over contesting in the Gedong seat in the upcoming 12th Sarawak election (PRN-12).

The chief minister, whose current seat is Satok, said Gedong was among a number of seats he was considering to contest in. He said he would announce his decision in due time.

He said this when officiating at the earth-breaking ceremony of the road from Lubok Teranggas to Gedong at Dewan Terbuka Gedong here on Wednesday (Nov 17).

Earlier, Gedong incumbent Datuk Mohd Naroden Majais in his speech at the ceremony had expressed his willingness to make way for Abang Johari in the interest of driving the constituency’s development at a rapid pace.

Marasan Mud

Marasan Mud, 67

“I welcome if the chief minister contests in the Gedong seat in the coming state election as it will boost development here. At the same time, there is no doubt that Datuk Naroden has brought a lot of development to this area, including in terms of infrastructure, basic facilities, and agriculture.”

Busrah Ahmad

Busrah Ahmad, 72

“I would be very pleased if the chief minister contests here in Gedong because this could help to further increase development here. It cannot be denied that Datuk Naroden has brought a lot of development in this area, but his offer to Abang Johari on the Gedong seat is perhaps because he needs a rest. We, the residents of Gedong, will continue to provide good cooperation for the development of this area.”

Jamil Abong

Jamil Abong, 48

“Datuk Naroden’s offer to Abang Johari regarding the Gedong seat shows his sacrifice to see more rapid developed in the future. We see that Datuk Naroden is in a comfortable position and is a winnable candidate for this constituency, but due to his political commitment, he is willing to sacrifice the Gedong seat. I hope that the economic acceleration here as desired by Datuk Naroden will become a reality so that Gedong will be on par with other areas.”

Margaret Mamut

Margaret Mamut, 64

“I would be very happy if Abang Johari decides to contest in Gedong because this will certainly lead to big changes in this area. Of course, what has not yet been implemented and upgraded will take place after that and we will also always support anyone who brings good to this area. Gedong has undergone huge changes and it is much different from before. For instance, we in Ulu Simunjan used to have no halls and proper roads, but now we have all these facilities.”

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