Abdullah on what Nancy actually meant

KUCHING: Batang Sadong MP Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri, during a recent forum in Kuala Lumpur, did not actually mean that Sarawakians wanted Datuk Seri Najib Razak back as prime minister again.

“If you go through the whole speech, I don’t think that was what she meant. After all, she did qualify herself by saying that she was not promoting the former minister who is currently under investigation,” said Corporate Affairs Assistant Minister Abdullah Saidol at a dinner with the media organised by Sarawak Public Communication Unit (Ukas) at Grand Margherita Hotel last Tuesday night.

Abdullah, who is also Semob assemblyman, said Sarawak is not that stupid to accept a political leader who is currently under investigation for corruption.

Abdullah Saidol

Mun orang dah macam ya, sik lah kita nak ambik nya lagi (If a person is like that, of course we don’t want him back),” he said.

He remembered that Nancy was trying to say that the previous administration did many good things for Sarawak.

“Nancy did not specifically mention Najib. There were other (Barisan Nasional) federal ministers who also made contributions to us,” he said.

On current politicking in Sarawak he expressed disgust at what he called inappropriate political games played by certain quarters.

“It does not matter which party you are in or side with. Hatred and excessive (even seditious) lies are not acceptable in any civilised political discourse,” he said.

To him, politics is not supposed to be dirty as it had be instrumental in the development of civilizations and even spread the goodness of religions.

“The only bad part of politics is bad politicians,” he said.


Abdullah Saidol (second row centre) with acting director of UKAS Datuk Norhyati Ismail (eighth right) with other UKAS officers, PRO and members of the media at the ‘Ramah Tamah Gawai Raya UKAS with the Media and PRO 2019’. Photo: Ramidi Subari