All Souls’ Day under the new norm

Less people were seen at the cemeteries in compliance with the SOPs.

MUKAH: All Souls’ Day is a day of prayer and remembrance for those who have passed on and is observed by Christians worldwide annually on November 2.

Christians would visit the graves of their loved ones to clean it and adorn it with flowers and light candles for them, offering prayers.

However, this year’s All Souls’ Day was different due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set in place.

Only a certain number of people were allowed into cemeteries at a particular time and there were no cemetery blessings, following a notice given by the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church Parochial Parish Council, in compliance with the SOPs,

New Sarawak Tribune discovered that people visited the cemeteries on a ‘come and go’ basis, particularly at the Catholic cemetery at Jalan Oya.

It was also discovered that less flowers were on sale this year and not many graves were seen with flowers on them.