Athletes appreciate Ministry’s support, assistance

KUCHING:  Many athletes have complimented the State Ministry of Youth and Sports, in its efforts to support and assist athletes in times of the Covid-19 pandemic under the Sarawak Sports Development Programme (ProPS). 

Its minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said that this is one of the many Sarawak’s initiatives to ensure that Sarawak will become a sports powerhouse in the future.

“It is hoped that with the help, opportunities, and space provided, all athletes will continue to remain committed to enhancing their potential and performance in their respective sports,” he said during a Meet-Up with Sarawak Development Athletes Programme at Pandelela Rinong Aquatic Centre in Petra Jaya on Aug 7.

He also stated his hope for the athletes to progress into a more advanced level, aside from focusing on just the Malaysian Games (Sukma).

“We would love to see Sarawak athletes to be involved in international events, participating and representing Malaysia in Olympics, Commonwealth and others,” he stated. 

Norman Angkun

Norman Angkun, 21, Footballer

I am glad that even in the midst of a pandemic, there are still people who care about us. We have a hard time going out and buying stuff because of our limited movement, so I can see this assistance benefiting a lot of us in here.

Cheerylyn Upang

Cheerylyn Upang, 22, Weightlifter

I am delighted after hearing the unexpected assistance. Since we do not have access to transportation, we rely heavily on the food provided here. I am sure the others are appreciative of the assistance as well.

Adryan Jana

Adryan Jana, 19, Weightlifter

I believe that the assistance is quite helpful in meeting the needs of the athletes. We have a daily food supply from the caterers, but having additional assistance on top of that is quite useful. I am hopeful that the relevant parties will continue to support us.

Alinn Afisya

Alinn Afisya, 17, Hockey player

As an athlete, I am grateful for the assistance since it indicates their concern for us. Due to our limited mobility, I hope that all relevant parties will continue to pay attention to us and provide further assistance like this in the future.

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