Bintang Daily Cluster emerges in Meradong

KUCHING: A new Covid-19 cluster in Meradong, Sarikei has been identified.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said the cluster, dubbed the Bintang Daily Cluster, involved the family members and colleagues of the index case, Case 3,612.

“The index case is a local man who was detected through the screening of a symptomatic individual at the Bintangor Health Clinic on Jan 23 and the results of the rT-PCR test were found to be positive for Covid-19 on Jan 26.

“Active case detection of family members and colleagues to this case has detected an additional seven new Covid-19 positive cases,” it said in a statement on Monday (Feb 1).

SDMC said the addition of the Bintang Daily Cluster brought the cumulative total of active clusters in the state to 12.

Five clusters recorded new positive cases on Monday, including the Bintang Daily Cluster with eight cases, Pasai Cluster in Sibu with 35, Rakut Cluster in Miri with seven, and two each in Tabong Cluster in Bau and Bedayan Cluster in Serian.

The total number of positive cases for the Pasai Cluster in Sibu is now 1,969 cases with a total of 22,500 individuals screened in which 19,500 tested negative while 1,031 are still awaiting lab results.

The Rakut Cluster in Miri now has a total of 138 cases with a total of 450 individuals screened in which 312 tested negative while the Tabong Cluster in Bau has a total of 22 cases and the Bedayan Cluster in Serian, 17 cases.

The seven other active clusters-Jalan Pengiran Cluster in Matu, Indah Riang Cluster in Kuching, Bukit Sekubong Cluster in Sebauh, Jelita Cluster in Miri, Keranji Tabuan Cluster in Kuching, Bah Sayap Cluster in Miri, and Stutong Cluster in Kuching-did not record any new cases.